3 Recently Downgraded Stocks to Avoid This Month

The POWR Ratings have been calculated, highlighting stocks that are worthy of an upgrade to Buy, Strong Buy, Sell, and Strong Sell. A few stocks have been downgraded to Strong Sells in the latest update. However, plenty of stock market analysts insist the market’s bull run might finally be running out of steam…

Even if you believe the market is headed higher, it is in your interest to keep close track of stocks that are showing signs of distribution and deteriorating on a fundamental basis. Savvy investors will consider reducing the size of their position in stocks that have been downgraded in the POWR Ratings, and more aggressive traders may consider shorting these stocks.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at three stocks recently downgraded in the POWR Ratings: Greenlane Holdings (GNLN), Integrated Media Technology Limited (IMTE), and Summit Hotel Properties (INN).

Greenlane Holdings (GNLN – Get Rating)

GNLN certainly received its fair share of attention as the cannabis sector took off in previous months. However, if you take a look at the company’s news, you won’t find many recent updates. GNLN makes money by distributing vaporization productions along with consumption accessories throughout North America. GNLN customers range from cannabis dispensaries to cannabis processors and cultivators. GNLN also owns its own D2C e-commerce sites through which its vaporization and related products are sold.

GNLN has an F in the Quality component of the POWR Ratings along with Ds in the Sentiment, Value, and Stability components. Click here to learn more about how GNLN fares in the remainder of the POWR Ratings components such as Momentum and Growth.

Of the 11 publicly traded companies in the Tobacco segment, GNLN is ranked dead last. The Tobacco industry as a whole has an A POWR Rating grade. Click here to learn more about the stocks in the Tobacco segment.

GNLN is not grouped with other cannabis stocks as the companies do not actually deal with the cannabis plant. Rather, “flowers” are used in GNLN vaporizers and other products. However, vaporizers have been placed under the microscope as there are legitimate questions as to whether these devices are as healthy for “flower” consumption as claimed.

In terms of price returns, GNLN has a one-month price return of -4% and a three-month price return of 1.32%. Now that some investors are taking cannabis-related profits off the table following the overarching industry’s considerable upward run, it might be time to cut GNLN loose.

Integrated Media Technology Limited (IMTE – Get Rating)

Based in Wanchai, Hong Kong, IMTE’s specialty is three-dimensional presentations. In fact, IMTE technology even converts two-dimensional objects into three dimensions. Though IMTE’s tech will certainly prove useful in the context of advertising in the years ahead, the stock is not worthy of your investing dollars at the current moment.

IMTE has F grades in the Quality, Value, and Stability components of the POWR Ratings. Click here to learn more about how IMTE grades out in the Sentiment, Growth, and Momentum components.

Of the 44 publicly traded companies in the…

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