4 Downgraded Stocks to Sell in May

The POWR Ratings have been calculated once again. Take a look at the latest POWR Ratings, and you will find about half a dozen stocks have been downgraded to Strong Sells. Plus, plenty of others have also been downgraded to Sell ratings…

The number of stocks downgraded to Sell, or Strong Sell is certainly concerning. However, it appears as though the United States economy will fully reopen in the months ahead. This means there is a case to be made that the bull market can continue longer.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the stocks downgraded to Strong Sells in the POWR Ratings: Hawaiian Holdings (HA – Get Rating), Luokung Technology (LKCO – Get Rating), Remark Media (MARK – Get Rating), and Snap (SNAP – Get Rating).

Hawaiian Holdings (HA – Get Rating)

HA owns Hawaiian Airlines. HA has provided air travel to islanders and those visiting the islands for nearly 90 years. HA transports both passengers and cargo. In fact, HA provides non-stop service to the island getaway from more than a dozen cities in the United States. However, air travel has dissipated since the start of the pandemic. It could take several years for air travel to return to pre-pandemic levels.

HA has an overall grade of F, which translates into a Strong Sell rating in our POWR Ratings system. The company has D grades in the Value, Sentiment, Stability, and Growth components of the POWR Ratings. For investors who would like to learn how HA fares in the remainder of the components, such as Quality and Momentum, can find out by clicking here

Of the 28 publicly traded companies in the Airlines industry, HA is ranked 24th. Click here to find the top stocks in this industry. Analysts have established an average target price of $24.14 for the stock, meaning it has a nearly 4% downside. 

Luokung Technology (LKCO – Get Rating)

Based in Beijing, LKCO is a tech company that provides graphics data processing, including mapping. The company’s mobile app provides business-to-consumer services. LKCO has an overall grade of F, which is a Strong Sell rating in our POWR Ratings service. It has an F grade in the Quality component of the POWR Ratings and Ds in the Value, Growth, and Stability components. Click here to learn how LKCO’s grades in the remainder of the POWR Ratings, including Momentum and Sentiment. LKCO is ranked 56 out of 60 stocks in the Software – Business industry. You can find top stocks in this industry by clicking here

All in all, LKCO dropped more than 16% this past March alone. Ongoing regulatory concerns are taking a toll on Chinese technology stocks such as LKCO. The Trump administration categorized LKCO as a military company, so it is subjected to many regulations.

Remark Media (MARK – Get Rating)

MARK develops and deploys AI solutions for businesses as well as software developers. MARK also owns digital media properties that provide content. MARK has an overall grade of…

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