Buy These 3 Stocks Before Another Market Dip

Investors weren’t thrilled when the stock market pulled back in May. But the situation didn’t last long — or significantly hurt this year’s share performance. The S&P 500 climbed more than 14% in the first half. That’s plenty of reason to spark an optimistic mood and put thoughts of declines in the back of our minds…

Still, a new market dip can happen at any time. Even when all is going well. Sometimes it’s just a matter of investors locking in profits. In any case, we want to be prepared. And that means it’s a wise idea to buy a few names that have at least one attribute that may buoy them during tough market times. Let’s take a look at three stocks to add to your portfolio now.


Disney (NYSE:DIS) shares managed to outperform the S&P 500 last year — even as many of Disney’s parks were closed and the company swung to a loss.

DIS Chart

DIS data by YCharts

Knowing the strength of the Disney brand, investors bet right from the start on a recovery. This brand strength and investors’ belief in the company at the worst of times are two great reasons to own this stock.

The third good reason is this: Today, recovery really can happen. As of mid-June, Disney reopened all of its parks. This is particularly important since Disney’s parks, experiences, and products segment generally contributes the most to revenue. Even with attendance not at usual levels, the reopenings are helping get things back on track. Disney said that with all the parks it’s opened at lower capacity, revenue has surpassed the costs of reopening. The park reopenings should bring Disney back to its usual financial strength. In the ten years before the pandemic, Disney’s annual revenue and profit usually rose.

DIS Net Income (Annual) Chart

DIS Net Income (Annual) data by YCharts

Another newer profit driver is streaming service Disney+. During the pandemic, it beat Disney’s subscriber growth expectations. And Disney+ is on its way to profitability in fiscal 2024. Considering the overall growth in at-home entertainment — even prior to the pandemic — this is another positive for Disney.


Target (NYSE:TGT) is a company that is showing it can shine during the best and worst of times. The retailer built up its digital and contactless pickup services over the past few years. And during the pandemic, that resulted in major growth. Target’s annual revenue last year climbed by more than $15 billion. That’s more than growth over the previous 11 years all together.

Shoppers stocked up on essentials at Target during the worst of the crisis. And these days, they’re returning to buy a broader range of items such higher-margin clothing and accessories. Shoppers also are returning to Target online and in-store. Target said that last year 12 million customers became “multi-channel” shoppers — that means they shopped online and in Target’s stores. This is key because…

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